The history of Station Farm

Ged and Deirdre Pocklington both came from farming families in Lincolnshire which were mainly made up of vegetables and wheat. They took on Station Farm in October 1962. Ged and Deirdre tried to emulate the success of farming in Lincolnshire but soon found the soil in Northamptonshire to have a too high a clay content for growing root crops. Ged, who quickly became established in the local farming fraternity was well known as a colourful character. The farm was at that time cattle, sheep and arable. In November 1963 Craig was born, followed by Vacey three years later. By the age of five Craig was walking up and down the field behind the plough, as soon as he got in from school. He was driving a tractor by the age of seven and drove the combine from the age of twelve. It was clear that farming was in his blood. Both brothers went to Moulton Agricultural College and in 1990 became partners with Ged and Dierdre in Pocklington Farms. Ged sadly died of cancer in 1992 at the age of 57.

In the mid Ninety’s a few of the old redundant livestock buildings were converted into commercial industrial units. Later after deciding to pull out of livestock production all together, four more buildings were converted to offices, 3 of which have air conditioning.

The yard has been fully secured, and is covered by security cameras, the entrance has been made more secure and automated by utilising a semi-automatic cantilever gate.

Offices at Station Farm

• Farriers Barn
• Millers Barn
• Ploughman’s Barn
• The Granary

Commercial units at Station Farm

• 2 Units, all of which are currently fully occupied.





"We have occupied a commercial unit at Station Farm for over 18 years now. During our time here, we have have seen a steady increase in business year on year. Our customers always comment on how easy Station Farm is to get to and find it a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of town"

Brian Noad - Horton Car Care


"Being based at Station Farm has projected a positive image of our company to our customers, both new and old"

Dan Berkshire - Dan's Motor Repairs


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